Wholesale Energy Shots At Discount Prices

Get your best deal on wholesale energy shots from Matsun Nutrition.  We are the manufacturer so no need to go through a middleman that will markup your order just to squeeze out a profit at your expense.  Matsun Nutrition has the ability to custom manufacture just about any type of private label energy shot formula that you want.  As a wholesale energy shot manufacturer, we can provide you with the lowest discount prices in the industry at very low minimum order quantities.  As part of our full service program, we can provide custom shrink wrap labels with your own exciting label design for superior branding.  Now, you can complete with the big boys at a fraction of the cost of starting your own energy shot manufacturing facility.

In addition to being an experienced and qualified wholesale energy shot manufacturer, we are NSF certified, GMP and FDA compliant.  This means that you can rely upon us to meet all of the state and federal requirements for liquid supplement manufacturers in the USA.  Of course, you’re always welcome to stop by our liquid supplement manufacturing plant here in sunny southern California.  Just contact one of our sales reps today to learn more about producing your own line of energy shots or liquid supplements.  Here at Matsun Nutrition we’re always here to help!

Matsun Nutrition offers wholesale energy shots and energy boosters at discount prices. Low minimums compared to other manufacturers. Made in the USA.