Matsun Nutrition: The Premier Energy Shot Manufacturing Company In The USA

Matsun Nutrition has been in the liquid supplement, vitamin and energy shot manufacturing business for over 20 years  We are one of the leading energy shot manufacturers in the USA with the ability to custom manufacture just about any type of energy shot you need.  You can find many of our private label energy shot brands throughout the nation and being marketed to major retail stores and through online stores and sites such as

Natural energy boosters have become even more popular over the past couple years.  This is because not everyone wants an energy drink with caffeine as one of the main ingredients.  Natural energy boosters are designed and developed to be more like a natural vitamin supplement with a boost of energy.  This type of liquid energy boost is focused more on the health benefits that it may provide, rather than on a getting just a quick fix through caffeine or another type of stimulant.  As a result, the energy shot manufacturing business continues to grow and expand into new markets well beyond standard energy drinks, energy supplements and other forms of vitamins for energy.  In some circles, a daily energy shot supplement may be part of one’s daily fitness routine.  If you’re looking for the top energy shot boosters, look no further than Matsun Nutrition.  As you’re number one energy shot manufacturer we also provide custom energy shot formulation and private label branding with your company name and logo.

As one of the top energy shot manufacturing companies, our in-house formula technicians are able to duplicate existing formulas and create new ones from scratch.  All you have to do is let us know what are looking for, how the product should perform and provide us with a list of the energy supplement ingredients that you want included in your formula.  We can even tailor the energy shots to meet specific natural and organic ingredient requirements.  Here at Matsun Nutrition, we take pride in using only the highest quality raw ingredients to produce the best energy shots and energy boosters possible.

Call us today to learn more about energy shot manufacturing, custom energy shots and natural energy boosters.  Put our experience to work for you to find the perfect solutions to all of your liquid energy needs.