Custom Energy Shot Formulas

There are a variety of energy shot manufacturers to choose from, but many may not offer the custom energy shot formulas that you need.  When you need a customized energy shot formula, an off the shelf stock formula just won’t do.  Thats’ why we offer private label energy shots with your own custom formula and custom labels.  Here at Matsun Nutrition, our contract manufacturing division specializes in manufacturing custom energy shots and energy boosters . Our team of researchers and chemists can custom manufacture liquid energy shot formulations to your specifications or duplicate an existing formulation that is on the market today.  Our energy shot customization and development process takes just a few weeks where we provide you with samples to test and modify to meet your requirements.  Once you approve the sample batch we can proceed into full production enabling you to start selling your own custom branded energy shots and energy boosters.

Energy Shots & Energy Boosters

Masun Nutrition continues to be one of the nation’s leading energy shot and energy booster manufacturers in the liquid supplement industry.  We have been in the liquid supplement manufacturing business for over 20 years, maintaining an excellent reputation and track record throughout the years.  In addition to energy shots, we also carry a complete line of stock liquid vitamins and supplements that are available for private labeling.  As a full-service manufacturer, we are also able to develop any type of custom energy shot formula or other liquid supplement formula that you may need.  Our research and development staff is all on-site here at our USA production facility and are ready to work with you to put your next great energy shot or custom energy booster formula into production.  Just give us a call to get started on your next liquid vitamin or liquid supplement project.

Custom Liquid Vitamins & Supplements

Custom made supplements and custom vitamin formulations can provide numerous benefits for many of today’s health issues.  As a result, there are many new and exciting opportunities for new companies to enter into this growing and lucrative market.  Sometimes it can be as simple as finding a small niche in the supplement industry that has gone unnoticed by mainstream supplement companies. All you need now is a reliable custom supplement and liquid vitamin manufacturer such as Matsun Nutrition to help get you started.  We’re here to help you stay ahead of the today’s health trends as you branch out into new and exciting supplement products.

Once your target market has been established, we can advise you as to how best to tap into it by providing the liquid supplements to meet those needs.  Our in-house formulations staff can then develop just the right formula and you’re ready to start.  Plus, we provide free label designs for all our your new supplements that go into production.  This cuts down on the time it takes to bring your product to market and gives you a step up on the competition

Matsun Nutrition offers custom energy shot formulas to meet your specific needs. Customized energy shots are easy with Matsun Nutrition!