Are Wholesale Energy Shots, Drinks and Sprays Safe For You?

There is a lot of fuss on the benefits and side effects of wholesale energy shots, wholesale energy sprays and wholesale energy drinks. To clear the air, wholesale energy drinks, energy shots and energy sprays are energy supplement products. Today, most people get easily burnt out due to their daily activities. At the end of the day, they are extremely exhausted o the point that they can’t do anything else.

Well, nothing can boost your energy better than a good energy drink or spray. Wholesale energy sprays and wholesale energy shots are very affordable and readily available. These products will give you the required energy to get through the day.Wholesale Energy Shots

Do Wholesale Energy Drinks Really Work?

The marketplace is flooded with tons of energy gels, pills, shots and drinks which guarantee to get you through the day. In addition, today’s wholesale energy drinks claim to not only boost your workout but also promote alertness and support health. As of 2014, the market value of energy drinks worldwide had reached $47 billion.

What Is In An Energy Drink?

The most popular energy drinks are known to contain high levels of caffeine and some energizing ingredients such as amino acids, vitamins and herbal supplements. Even though these ingredients are the ones listed on the cans, sugar is the one responsible for the extra energy. Here is how other ingredients play their role in boosting your energy:

  • B vitamins – Supports metabolism hence boosting energy. They have no effect on performance.
  • Taurine – Supports physical performance by reducing exercise-induced DNA damage.
  • Ginseng – This ingredient is responsible for supporting mental focus, stamina and energy.

What about Wholesale Energy Shots?

Wholesale energy shots are ideal for consumers who prefer less energy supplements. Unlike energy drinks, an energy shot is kind of a misnomer as it doesn’t contain energy. It’s a stimulant drink. Moreover, you should know that with time your body will become tolerance to caffeine and here energy shots might be the best alternative stimulant.

Benefits of Wholesale Energy Sprays, Shots And Drinks

This is why they are called ‘energy’ drinks. Each of these products comes with different levels of caffeine, sugars and energizing ingredients. They are the best for supporting your overall stamina, performance and brain alertness.


Wholesale energy sprays, shots and drinks will never fail you when your body starts to experience fatigue. You don’t have to brew a cup of coffee each time you need a stimulant.

Wholesale Energy Shot

Marketing Tips for Energy Shot Companies on the Rise

In broad strokes, energy shot companies, energy drink companies, energy spray companies and other related beverage companies have indicated not once that there has been an increase of customer penetration of their products in the last few years despite the controversies revolving around them. According to a recent survey in the U.S energy shot and drinks market, it has had a growth rate of more than 60% from the year 2012 with the total U.S sales of these drinks and shots being worth almost $15 billion.

What is the secret of these companies? Getting a beverage product in the market and successfully selling it can only be possible with the right marketing strategy. These companies realize that their products are just a small portion of thousands of products they are competing with, and some of these products have huge marketing budgets and loyal customers. But they make it anyway, here are few ideas of how these energy drinks companies, energy shot companies and energy spray companies go about their marketing.private-label-3-step-layout-final

Building Awareness with the Help of their Products

In order for a customer to buy a product, they need to be aware of it, and they also need to be curious enough to try it out. This is one of the daunting tasks these companies go through especially because customers have hundreds and hundreds of other beverage products to choose from. The best strategy to make the customer notice the product is through packaging and building a visually pleasing floor display. If you have a look on the most popular energy shot companies and energy spray companies, you will notice that their packaging is excellent. Customers tend to perceive themselves in a particular way when the packaging of a drink is good, even more than the taste of the drink itself.

Awareness Is Just A Half Way Task

Just because you have implemented a good awareness plan doesn’t mean that your product will sell, you need to create a particular kind of desire in your customers to your product. Popular energy drinks companies resonate with their potential customers by developing the right message to a particular customer in such a way that they ‘trick’ them to into buying their product.

Targeting a Select Group

The most effective way energy drinks companies and energy shot companies are suing nowadays is getting to a particular group (say for example a particular age group or gamers) and delivering their brand message in an entertaining way, a way that will be in line with age passions. Most of these companies are also expanding their market every day by offering market support to their distributor and retailers. Some of the popular retail supports include loyalty programs, special prices, contest and cross-merchandising programs.

Social Media

Advertising and promotion are essential components of any marketing campaign, and the best way to market products. Energy drinks companies are using social media and other marketing avenues in a massive way to educate, entice and compel their customers to purchase their products. Some of other marketing avenues that are being used nowadays are email marketing, person to person marketing and even direct mail marketing. You will find that the most strong energy drinks companies are using influential people to speak about their brand. This is one of the most effective ways of marketing their brands.


The Best Private Label Energy Supplements and Their Benefits

Green Coffee Bean

Green coffee bean liquid supplements belong to the list of best white label energy supplements. Apart from increasing energy levels, these best private label energy supplements provide you with an array of health benefits. This natural extract contains decaffeinated green coffee that is high in active ingredients. Extracted from pure unroasted coffee beans, this amazing liquid supplement contains natural elements such as chlorogenic acid and phenolic acids that boost mental as well as physical energy. The action of green bean coffee extract is similar to that of caffeine but without its side effects. It is loaded with antioxidants that support cardiovascular, eye and skin health.

Vitamin B12

Another addition to category of best private label energy supplements is vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is a key to an array of several cellular and metabolic processes. Therefore, vitamin B12 liquid supplements play a pivotal role in healthy functioning of brain and nervous system, heart and blood vessels and their systems of the body. These best white label energy supplements are also known as energy nutrients as vitamin B12 contributes to production of ATP- adenosine triphosphaste. It is also the co-factor for DNA production, the genetic material that is transferred from one life to another.private-label-3-step-layout-final


When it comes to choosing the best white label energy supplements, caffeine is the most popular choice. These best private label energy supplements, when taken in moderate quantities can be extremely beneficial to your health. Caffeine can make you feel more alert, boost your mental and physical performance, and even elevate your moods. Caffeine drinks are those liquid supplements that block the effects of adenosine, a vital brain chemical that helps you sleep. Coffee bean extract also stimulates neurons in your brain, which in turn helps you stay alert and focused.


Another common ingredient used in best white label energy supplements is ginseng. It provides you with an extra kick to start your day with full energy and enthusiasm. These best private label energy supplements work as tonic that provides with extra energy along with nourishment. These liquid supplements are designed to supplement your body with extra ingredients that help in enhancing energy levels. Ginseng also boosts focus and concentration, memory, thinking ability and mental arithmetic skills. It boosts stamina and endurance, thereby enhancing athletic performance. Therefore ginseng supplements are quite popular among athletes and bodybuilders.


Taurine is a natural amino acid found in skeletal muscles, white blood cells, and heart muscles. It is one of the common ingredients of the best white label energy supplements used by regular gym goers and fitness enthusiasts. These liquid supplements provide your body with extra physical energy that increase the effectiveness of the intensive training you are doing that help you move fast in the direction of your fitness goals. Regular intake of taurine best private label energy supplements is associated with reduced fatigue and improved strength. It improves endurance by improving the lactic acid content in the muscles.

In today’s hectic lifestyle, it is important that we choose our energy supplements carefully. The above mentioned best white label energy supplements will keep you active and energetic throughout the day…


Tips to Finding the Top 10 Energy Shot Manufacturers

When liquid supplements are discussed people often come up with the question “How do I spot the best energy shot manufacturers?”, so we have put together some details and tips through which you can easily compare and make your own list of top 10 energy shot manufacturers or even top 10 energy drink manufacturers.

With these valuable tips you will easily be able to judge and find the best liquid supplements manufacturers in the market.

Organic Source

It is always better to use a product made with natural ingredients as it is easy for the body to digest and does not have any kind of side effects. Besides having a high absorption rate, organic sourced ingredients have been proved to be good for the body when used over a long period of time. This is a strong point for spotting the top 10 energy drink manufacturers in the liquid supplements industry.private-label-3-step-layout-final

Energy Boosters

These days many stimulants can be found in the market, but the best way to go is with an energy drink that either has a herbal energizing complex like ginseng, green tea or caffeine. These natural power stimulants are found in nature and can help provide your body with the necessary energy boost.

Mineral Rich Profile

When the body is used to do work it also burns the stored vital nutrients like sodium and potassium along with calories, these mineral should also be included in your liquid supplements to refill the nutrients of the body.


People often prefer a refreshing taste in an energy drink, it can play a great role at giving the consumer some extra satisfaction out of the drink. While making a list of the top 10 energy drink manufacturers it is crucial to check the product for good taste, as it can sometimes be the main selling point.

Vitamins Profile

Typically many vitamins are needed by the body, this makes it an important factor to determine the top 10 energy shot manufacturers. Energy drinks should contain as many of the essential vitamins as possible to provide the body with the needed support.

Sugar Content

This is one of the aspects of the product which should be kept in check, because a high sugar content will provide a short spurt of energy but is not good for people who are trying to lose weight.


Our body gets polluted by unhealthy lifestyles and undigested food that results in a high level of carbon-dioxide in the blood steam. Many herbs like green tea and other plant extracts can help the body filter these waste products and increase the immunity of the body, these should be included in your list of the top 10 energy shot manufacturers.

Safe in Higher Doses

The user should be able to consume the product in higher doses and should not have any adverse effects when the recommended usage is exceeded, because people tend to consume energy drinks more or less like a beverage.


The product should contain only safe and permitted preservatives and should come with a long shelf life, this is important while choosing the top 10 energy drink manufacturers as these product can sometimes be left unused for some time.

Serving Size

The serving size should not be too small or too big, but it should be enough to quench the thirst of the consumer and also refill the energy stores of their bodies at the same time. When we talk about top 10 energy shot manufacturers this may also play a vital role.


Private Labeling Organic Energy Shots and Drinks for Your New Supplement Businesses

Private label organic energy shots are quickly becoming popular with resellers and wholesale buyers, many liquid supplements companies have been turning to private label organic energy drinks to get their new business started quickly because it is a great way to earn goodwill for the brand name.

These days there is a growing demand for health and fitness products in the market, which makes an ideal opportunity for traders, buyers and people who wish to start up a new supplement business. It is an excellent opportunity for people to make use of a flourishing market and make loads of money by getting into the liquid supplements business.private-label-3-step-layout-final

On-Going Market Trends

Recent market research has revealed that people are looking for quick refreshments after their workouts and even when they’re simply tired, this demand is increasing day by day and not many products are available in the market that meet the people’s needs.

What Do The People Really Want?

1. People are looking for quick refreshments that can give them the much needed energy to carry out their tasks.

2. Something that gives them a sort of nutrient boost that can complement the daily diet with vitamins and minerals

3. Comes from a Trusted Source and Has No Side Effects

All this can be achieved by making an organic re-hydrating solution that is also rich in vitamins and minerals, and delivers a quick spurt of energy. This gives rise to the idea of energy shots, a high energy delivering solution marketed in a small and handy pack of only 1 serving.

How to Quickly Can Your Start Your Own Liquid Supplements Business?

Though as it may seem quite difficult and time consuming to start off a whole new line of products, there are options like private label organic energy shots available in the market which can be a great start for people who wish to start a new business of liquid supplements.

What Are Private Label Organic Energy Drinks? 

Private Label is when a bigger company manufactures and offers to supply some products to a smaller company, which can be further be sold by them under their own brand name. There are big companies who have started making private label organic energy drinks, and they can be bought by any wholesaler or buyer at cheap industrial rates because they deal in larger numbers. Further they can be re-labelled by the buyers and sold as products of their own brand.

Why Is It A Good Business Idea For Buyers And Resellers?

These private label organic energy shots are high in demand because of their handy package size, when a product is sold in a single serving sized package it is naturally priced lower but it fetches a better profit margin for the sellers because they get it much cheaper while buying in large quantities. When it comes to private label organic energy drinks and liquid supplements this margin can be used to make extra money by selling it in small quantities.

 Using Attractive Packaging To Sell Private Label Organic Energy Shots 

Since presentation plays a big part in marketing such products, sellers should invest some time in making an attractive package for the product. People tend to notice the product even more when the outer packaging suits the product theme, and this becomes a good strategy to get the product known. Just by having the right packaging the product can gain popularity and once people know how good the product really is, these private label organic energy drinks can be a great success for your brand name.



Why You Should Choose Pre Workout Energy Shot Manufacturers to Create Your Very Own Energy Shot

Hiring pre workout energy shot manufacturers to create your own brand of energy shots has some proven benefits to wholesale buyers and resellers of liquid vitamins. Here are some of the top reasons why you should choose pre workout energy drink manufacturers today.

  1. Offer Quick Assistance in Private Labeling

As you probably know by now, not everyone is allowed to do private labeling. The process of private labeling allows you to place your company label on liquid vitamins or any other custom supplement formulas to make them retail-ready. For you to do private labeling, you must have certification documents from relevant authorities such as cGMP and NSF. Without such documents, you will be operating illegally. Pre workout energy shot manufacturers have all these necessary documents and are therefore well-placed to offer quick assistance in private labeling of your energy drink liquid supplements.private-label-3-step-layout-final

  1. Help you Design a Customized Label for your Energy Shots

Pre workout energy drink manufacturers will help you design a personal label that will be placed on your supplement bottles after making an order. This is a great benefit to wholesale buyers and resellers of liquid vitamins considering the fact that designing a label is not an easy task. Sometimes what we think is good as product labels for our supplements usually turns out to be very uninteresting to retail buyers. With pre workout energy drink manufacturers to help you design a perfect label for your supplements, you will surely impress your team of retailers with the new logo and brand name.

  1. Logistical Assistance

Creating your very own energy shot can be very demanding in terms of logistical input. First you will need a warehouse, hauling equipment, weighing scales, transportation tools and many other logistic support systems that can enable your products to reach the right market at the right time. At times getting all the necessary logistics to start creating your very own energy drink can overwhelmingly drain you emotionally and financially. It is for such reasons, that you are recommended to hire pre workout energy drink manufacturers to act as intermediaries and help you create your own drink. Placing your order and receiving the items will take only a few hours or even minutes, depending on where you are located.

  1. Assist you with Top-notch Shelf-life Stability Testing

Most pre workout energy shot manufacturers perform in-house shelf life stability testing to the liquid supplements to ensure long term effectiveness. The stability tests determine how long the custom supplements stay without losing strength in effectiveness. In other words, the tests determine the expiry dates of the liquid supplements. You will need such tests on your energy shot supplements and therefore it is necessary to hire experts who have such testing tools.

Hopefully, you will find these tips on why you should choose pre workout energy shot manufacturers useful as you look for effective ways of reselling your liquid supplements. Remember that these experts can also help you change the formula of the energy shot, add new ingredient or create an entirely new custom formulation that is uniquely attributable to you. Such contract manufacturing options are only available if you choose a reputable liquid vitamin and supplement company.



The Health Benefits of Consuming Private Label Natural Energy Boosters

Private label natural energy boosters; especially the ones that contain liquid vitamins have lately become very popular with people from all sorts of lifestyles ranging from athletes to career people, aged, students and children. The sharp increase in the popularity of white label natural energy boosters is largely due to the demanding lifestyles people are living and the health benefits they offer. The modern man and woman has plenty to deal with every day. There is a career to take care of, there is a family to care for and there is shopping to be done, which drains energy requiring individuals to look for other sources of energy.

Is It Healthy To Drink White Label Natural Energy Boosters?

Essentially, it is safe to drink white label natural energy boosters mainly because they contain functional ingredients, which offer many health benefits to your body. The actual benefits offered by liquid vitamins depend on the quality of the product and the ingredients. Nevertheless, it is important to note that private label energy shots and natural energy boosters contain different combinations of liquid vitamins, which offers a wide range of benefits. Depending on the ingredients, private label natural energy boosters could help promote a healthy over all well-being.private-label-3-step-layout-final

What Are The Common Health Benefits Of White Label Natural Energy Boosters?

Caffeine Benefit

Most private label natural energy drinks contain caffeine as one of the main ingredients. Caffeine has a stimulating effect in your body and it is responsible for increased attention, alertness, endurance capacity, endurance performance and reduction of the effort used during exercises. Most people usually consume caffeine boosters during exercises. The recommended quantity of caffeine in a day is between 300 to 400 milligrams.

Carb Content Benefit

If you are an athlete or someone focused on increasing endurance and fitness levels, white label natural energy boosters are highly resourceful. This is because most energy drinks contain carb content as one of the main ingredients in quantities of between 18 and 25 grams per 8 ounces of carbohydrate. Studies have found that carbs can help replenish energy stores, which leads to increased performance, recovery, and energy.

Electrolytes Benefit

It is important to note that when you sweat, your body loses water and electrolytes. If the electrolytes are not replaced adequately, it can result to dehydration and drop in performance. Experts recommend that individuals should take an energy drink that contains about 460 to 690 milligrams of sodium per liter. However, athletes and people using a lot of energy should take higher quantities and thus, should choose liquid vitamins that contain higher quantities of sodium per liter.

Simple Sugars

Most private label natural energy boosters source their carbohydrates from the simple sugars in a liquid form. The simple sugars vary among manufacturers but the common names used to highlight simple sugar content in energy drinks include glucose, sucrose, and high fructose corn syrup. The content of simple sugars in every 8 ounces of a typical drink can range from 21 grams to 34 grams.

Amino Acid Benefit

Most energy drinks contain the amino acid, which helps regulate water and mineral levels in the body. The amino acid also helps support brain development.



Energy Supplement Manufacturers on the Rise

Over the past few years, there has been a rise in the number of energy supplement manufacturers, energy vitamin manufacturers, and energy drink manufacturers. There are more and more energy drink manufacturers making energy and vitamin supplements and drinks. As a result, this energy and body boosting supplements have flooded the market. Unfortunately, some of the manufacturers are out there to make a fortune from unsuspecting consumers. Some of the energy vitamin manufacturers make supplements that are not safe for human consumption which has led to multiple irreversible side effects.

Take Caution

For energy supplement manufacturers to get the supplements to the consumers, they must be handed from the manufacturers to the wholesalers and retailers. It is therefore the wholesalers’ and retailers’ duty to take caution on what they buy from energy vitamin manufacturers to sell to their clients, the consumers. Some energy and vitamin supplements that have been sold by energy drink manufacturers as safe for human consumption are on the contrary a health risk for them. The wholesalers and retailers should therefore work to protect their customers by buying only from authentic and proven energy vitamin manufacturers.


When looking for energy drink manufacturers from whom to buy, retailers and wholesalers should ensure that they have done some background research on the manufacturer. This is to help them determine the kind of person they are dealing with. Most rogue energy supplement manufacturers have high chances of being involved in other malpractices apart from supplying fake energy supplements. This will most probably crop up with a bit of research. In case this happens, the retailers and wholesalers should at all costs avoid doing business with such energy supplement manufacturers.

Professional Advice

Apart from the research, for wholesalers and retailers who truly value their customers, one should go an extra step of seeking professional advice. Before rolling out the products to the consumers, it is good to have the supplements in the vitamin tablets or the energy drinks tested by a qualified professional. Professionals like nutritionists or doctors can be able to tell whether the substance is fit for human consumption. By doing this, wholesalers and retailers will not only ensure that their clients are safe but it will also ensure continued success in business.

Warn the Clients

Once the wholesalers and retailers discover some rogue energy vitamin manufacturers it is always good for them to warn their clients. Advising them not to buy the supplements from such manufacturers might go a long way in preserving their health. The customer is the most important person in all levels of production, without the customer, there is no business. Thus, wholesalers and retailers should always have the best interest of their customers at heart. This will guarantee client loyalty which will inevitably translate to business success.

By doing this, the wholesalers and retailers will be making the energy supplement industry a safe place for all. By failing to buy from rogue energy vitamin manufacturers, they will force them to either produce safe products or close down business. This is either way safe for the clients. In return, such wholesalers and retailers will have guaranteed success as they will gain the trust of their clients.