Are Energy Shot Brands Preferred Over Energy Drink Brands?

Energy shot brands aren’t to be confused with companies that manufacturer energy drinks. The energy shot market is entirely devoted to helping people increase their sense of well-being and vitality without having to ingest a tremendous amount of sugar or caffeine. If you’re looking for a powerful dose of key vitamins and minerals, you want something from an energy shot manufacturer, not a fizzy can of liquid that looks and tastes like sugary soda.

 What Energy Drinks Can’t Do and Why Energy Shot Brands Are Always Preferable

Most energy shot brands manufacture products that are a lot like liquid vitamin supplements. Being able to take vitamins in a liquid dose expedites their effects and facilitates better absorption. This is a far more effective way of adding extreme nutrition to the body than swallowing a single horse-sized pill at night, just before you go to bed. More importantly, given that you can take these supplements during the day and can benefit from immediate absorption, your body can start drawing on the available nutrient stores right away, for increased focus, higher energy and a more robust feeling all around. Due to this fact, most energy shot manufacturers consider themselves makers of extreme nutritional supplements that are a far cry from the caffeine and taurine addled drinks that can be found in the freezer section of most convenience stores.

Energy Shot Brands

Energy That Lasts

Another obvious advantage that energy shot brands have over energy drinks is their ability to supply lasting improvements in how the body functions and feels. The typical energy drink consumer has about two to four hours of nervous, jittery energy after consuming a single can of these solutions, whereas the energy shot user is simply giving the body what it needs to keep pushing forward. Due to the far superior ingredients that the typical energy shot contains, having a mid-afternoon crash is unlikely. Health-wise, these products are also preferable for maintaining static conditions at the interior of the mouth in order to minimize tooth decay and other oral health issues. Rich with nutrients and absent of the massive amounts of sugar and caffeine that energy drinks contain, they are unlikely to negative alter the pH of the mouth interior.

The Typical Energy Shot Drinker Maintains a Fairly Healthy Lifestyle

Energy shot brands appeal to a select market of educated, health-conscious people. Not surprisingly, an energy shot manufacturer will market its products to people who regularly go to the gym, eat well and value their health overall. People don’t toss these products back with sugary, processed pastries that they’ve snapped up on their trips into convenience stores. Instead, the consumers that are most likely to target energy shot brands and wash their shots down with fresh, clear water and are highly conscious about what they introduce into their systems. They read labels, consider ingredients and have an intermediate to advanced understanding of how different, active ingredients are likely to affect their bodies. Conversely, those who gulp down energy drinks are statistically less likely to work out and drink lots of sodas and other unhealthy beverages when they aren’t powering up. They’re usually tired, overworked and lacking the balance that can only come from conscious, healthful living.