The Rise Of Energy Drink Manufacturers And Why We Love Them

In recent years, global energy drink manufacturing has skyrocketed as energy drink manufacturers are producing larger quantities in order to keep up with the rising demand. As a result of this demand, manufacturers of energy drinks are experiencing an outstanding surge in their global sales. This increasing thirst for energy drinks that contain caffeine has increased the entire industry’s sales figures from 3.8 billion dollars back in 1999 to $49 billion dollars in 2015. By 2021, the whole industry is expected to worth an estimated 62 billion dollars.

Energy Drink Manufacturing Spike

Energy drinks are drinks that consist of specific ingredients that are able to boost your energy levels. The high demand for energy drinks is expected to continue rising due to the fact that millennials are attracted to every product that promises to keep them energized and helps them maintain their active lifestyle. That is the main reason why energy drink manufacturers incorporate the use of innovating packaging, fancy design and creative advertising. The US is one of the biggest energy drink consumers since sales have increased by 5000% in the last 15 years. After the introduction of more popular energy drinks, the industry started growing very fast. This happened due to the fact that these popular energy drinks companies managed to gain a large following by implementing innovative design and creative marketing. In recent years, energy drinks sales figures are very close to caffeine sales figures. Just two manufacturers of energy drinks in the US, are responsible for more than 80% of US sales.

Energy Drink Manufacturers

Why Do Americans Consume So Many Energy Beverages?

A word that describes best why energy drink usage continues to rise is caffeine. Energy drink manufacturers have included caffeine in the manufacturing process since the introduction of these drinks to the market. Americans take advantage of this ingredient by using energy drinks as a supplement to increase their college performance, their cognitive focus, as well as their energy levels throughout the day. Good taste doesn’t cut it today. Another reason that American’s use energy drinks so much is that they consider these drinks a part of the macho lifestyle. It is considered manly to be totally energized during day and night.

Another reason for this increased usage is the fact that the modern lifestyle has become very fast-paced. Americans are working more than ever before and they are desperate for a product that keeps them going. You need to work for 8-12 hours every day while still feeling energized enough to be able to hit the gym and play with your kids before you sleep. It is important to understand that this kind of lifestyle cannot be sustainable in the long run without using an energy supplement. The manufacturers of energy drinks have identified this trend and have started to capitalize on it. If they play their cards right, global energy drink manufacturing will continue to grow.


Undoubtedly, the success of energy drink manufacturers is evident. Energy shots have also started to experience huge demand due to energy drinks. Finance people are drinking these energy shots just for a short term energy boost. Manufacturers of energy drinks are already capitalizing on this new trend. All things considered, global energy drink manufacturing quantities will keep rising as more and more people will continue to use these products to cope with their demanding schedules.

Energy Drink Manufacturers