Private Label Sports Energy Shots or Energy Drinks? The Popularity and Effectiveness

The popularity of private label sports energy shots and private label sports energy drinks has skyrocketed over the last few years mainly due to the benefits they offer. The rapid growth has seen energy shot manufacturers make huge profits over the traditional drinks despite some energy drinks costing more than the conventional drinks. In fact, according to a Chicago-based market research company, the week ending June 13, 2012 witnessed a remarkable 39 percent energy shots growth over a period of 52 weeks to $780.7 million. Professionals, fatigued seniors, multitasking parents and overwhelmed students looking for ways to meet their daily energy drinks are the major driving force behind this remarkable growth in energy drinks as a daily supplement.

The need for more energy has never been higher than it is today largely due to the demands of modern lifestyles where people sleep and relax less, but tend to overwork themselves. This lifestyle leaves many people tired and drained, which makes the promise for quick energy very attractive. Furthermore, the convenient packaging methods offered by energy shot manufacturers allow individuals to walk into a supermarket, buy their favorite private label energy shots and quickly consume as they walk or continue with their demanding jobs.Private Label Sports Energy Shots

What Has Made Energy Drinks Popular? 

Studies done over the last few years have shown that consumption of private label sports energy shots and drinks is now more common in youths, adults and elderly, which is a major change from when the major consumers were athletes and people involved in endurance activities like weightlifting. This change is attributable to increased awareness among the public on the benefits offered by private label sports energy drinks. Quality energy drinks and shots supplements offer many benefits that range from boosting energy to decreased fatigue, improved performance and increased concentration.

It is also imperative to note that consuming private label sports energy drinks offers you with secondary benefits such as gaining a competitive edge mainly because you will have more energy to work for long. The other secondary benefit is that it lets you push yourself to the limit especially during extra working hours when you are less productive due to the mental and physical fatigue caused by the extended working hours.

Should You Buy Energy Drinks Or Energy Shots? 

While both energy shots and energy drinks are effective in boosting energy, people now prefer buying private label sports energy shots to energy drinks. The preference has nothing to do with the ineffectiveness of private label sports energy drinks, but it is due to the additional benefits offered by energy shots. In addition to the benefits of energy drinks, energy shots do not contain the sugars that are big concern to people conscious about their health. Furthermore, energy shots from reputable energy shot manufacturers are ready for absorption in the body enabling individuals to recapture the bright alert feeling in minutes. They also do not contain fillers or harmful extra ingredients because they are manufactured and packaged with few ingredients. They may also contain beneficial vitamins depending with the energy shot manufacturers preferences. They are also readily available and affordable.

Private Label Sports Energy Shots