An Analysis of the Energy Shot Industry

According to the latest analysis the energy shot industry, energy drink industry and energy spray industry are witnessing a huge demand. These industries produce a broader range of soft drinks, which include ready-to-drink coffee, ready-to-drink tea, fruit and vegetable juices, beverage concentrates, sports drinks, bottled water, carbonated beverages, energy sprays, energy shots, etc. Within these industries, consumers purchase more energy drinks than soda. Today, Americans consume the same amount of soda as they were consumed in 1986. On the other hand, the sale of energy drinks has been growing rapidly. Energy drinks became very prominent in the US in 1997.

Energy Shot Industry

Specialized type of energy drinks are called energy shots. They contain a dose of stimulant caffeine in smaller amount of liquid. Energy drinks are sold in bottles or cans. But energy shots are sold in 50ml bottles. The idea of energy shots originated decades ago in Japan. During those times, small tonics were very popular among consumers. Though highly concentrated, these were served without carbonation. The energy shot industry has reached in a new level with the introduction of energy drinks in the late 1980s. The energy shot industry became very popular by 2011. Energy shots were marketed originally in the US, but these are becoming very popular in other parts of the world, including Australia, Asia and Europe. These products are aimed to provide very high efficacy with little liquid intake. Some energy shot manufacturers also market energy drinks. As per the statistics of June 2009, around 250 energy shot brands were available in the US.Energy Shot Industry

The Energy Drink Industry

Various reports estimated that the energy drink industry will witness a healthy growth rate because of rising popularity of energy drinks by all age groups. As the name suggests, energy drinks are formulated with ingredients, which help boost energy levels. Generally, these are marketed as the healthy alternative to other sugar-saturated and carbonated drinks. Energy drinks are mainly consumed by athletes, sports persons and those who lead a hectic lifestyle. The energy drink industry is expected to grow further due to escalating the health consciousness of people around the world. This is why it is important to choose a qualified liquid supplement manufacturer if you are entering the business.  Both the young and aged population are attracted to products that are coming with a promise of helping them remain physically fit and active. This desire has proved as a lucrative opportunity for manufacturers. Creative advertising, innovative and fancy packaging, and scientifically advanced formulations also play a significant role in the growth of the energy drink market. Sugar-free, low calorie drinks are attractive to female consumers. Larger share of natural and organic ingredients is the other major reason for the growth of this industry.

 Energy Spray Industry

Energy sprays provide consumers a healthier and more effective alternative to energy drinks and coffee. People can spray these products on their skin for getting smooth focused energy without the side effects of energy drinks. The energy spray industry is also producing these products without sugars and calories. Energy sprays are colorless and odorless. These are introduced to help provide high energy to the people. The energy spray industry mainly uses three ingredients such as tyrosine, water and caffeine for the production of energy sprays.

Energy Shot Industry