Marketing Tips for Energy Shot Companies on the Rise

In broad strokes, energy shot companies, energy drink companies, energy spray companies and other related beverage companies have indicated not once that there has been an increase of customer penetration of their products in the last few years despite the controversies revolving around them. According to a recent survey in the U.S energy shot and drinks market, it has had a growth rate of more than 60% from the year 2012 with the total U.S sales of these drinks and shots being worth almost $15 billion.

What is the secret of these companies? Getting a beverage product in the market and successfully selling it can only be possible with the right marketing strategy. These companies realize that their products are just a small portion of thousands of products they are competing with, and some of these products have huge marketing budgets and loyal customers. But they make it anyway, here are few ideas of how these energy drinks companies, energy shot companies and energy spray companies go about their marketing.private-label-3-step-layout-final

Building Awareness with the Help of their Products

In order for a customer to buy a product, they need to be aware of it, and they also need to be curious enough to try it out. This is one of the daunting tasks these companies go through especially because customers have hundreds and hundreds of other beverage products to choose from. The best strategy to make the customer notice the product is through packaging and building a visually pleasing floor display. If you have a look on the most popular energy shot companies and energy spray companies, you will notice that their packaging is excellent. Customers tend to perceive themselves in a particular way when the packaging of a drink is good, even more than the taste of the drink itself.

Awareness Is Just A Half Way Task

Just because you have implemented a good awareness plan doesn’t mean that your product will sell, you need to create a particular kind of desire in your customers to your product. Popular energy drinks companies resonate with their potential customers by developing the right message to a particular customer in such a way that they ‘trick’ them to into buying their product.

Targeting a Select Group

The most effective way energy drinks companies and energy shot companies are suing nowadays is getting to a particular group (say for example a particular age group or gamers) and delivering their brand message in an entertaining way, a way that will be in line with age passions. Most of these companies are also expanding their market every day by offering market support to their distributor and retailers. Some of the popular retail supports include loyalty programs, special prices, contest and cross-merchandising programs.

Social Media

Advertising and promotion are essential components of any marketing campaign, and the best way to market products. Energy drinks companies are using social media and other marketing avenues in a massive way to educate, entice and compel their customers to purchase their products. Some of other marketing avenues that are being used nowadays are email marketing, person to person marketing and even direct mail marketing. You will find that the most strong energy drinks companies are using influential people to speak about their brand. This is one of the most effective ways of marketing their brands.