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USA Private Label Energy Shots manufacturer

There are many companies that wanted to become private label energy shot manufacturers, but few have lasted.  Matsun Nutrition has been manufacturing private label energy shots and liquid supplements for over 20 years.  With the energy shot craze continuing to grow with new shot style liquid energy supplements and innovative marketing methods, it’s no wonder that our company continues to grow.  As an energy shot manufacturer, we can manufacture just about any type of custom energy shot that you may need.  Our custom private label energy shots formulations allow you to develop your own unique energy shot formula to go along with your branding and marketing program.  We’re here to help take you from concept through production and into the market in as little time as possible.

Our Mission
With a mission to produce the best private label energy shots, we have grown to become one of the largest and best energy shot contract manufacturers in the USA.  Whether you own a small or large business, a supplement shop or major department store, we can meet your demand. Here are some of the reasons why our clients treasure our full-service capabilities.  One of the great benefits of working with Matsun Nutrition is that we are a full-service private label manufacturer, not only for energy shots but for all types of liquid supplements.  What this means is that we have vast experience when it comes to dealing with all types of raw ingredients that you may want to add to your private label energy shots.  Our in-house formulation team can guide you along the way, explaining the energy shot manufacturing process and can assist you with choosing the right ingredients for your specific energy products.

Unique Liquid Supplement Formulations
As a custom energy shot manufacturer we can help you to produce custom energy shots of the highest quality. Whether you are interested in a private label energy shots or you prefer contract manufacturing, our team of expert product formulators will handle your requirements successfully. With our private labeling service, you will be able to make use of our wide range of stock formulas that have provided excellent results over the years. We can also help you to modify existing product formulas, by adding new ingredients, or by creating an entirely new formulation.

Professional Guidance and Support
With our vast experience, we have acquired while producing custom liquid supplements for over 20 years, we can offer you the best professional guidance and support in the formulation, production, and packaging of your energy shots, energy boosters, liquid supplements and liquid vitamins. Our formulation team consists of trained and qualified scientists, chemists and supplement industry professionals who have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the complex processes involved. We will explain the entire process of producing your next line of private label energy shots and help you to select the best raw ingredients for your energy shot formulation.

Certified Manufacturing Facility
Our custom energy shot and liquid supplement manufacturing facility is GMP compliant and registered with NSF. We have been manufacturing top quality liquid supplements for many years. You can be assured that you are using a facility that complies with critical quality control procedures and global best practices. We have never compromised on the quality of our products. Since we are NSF registered, we ensure that our production procedures comply with all state and federal laws and regulations, including all FDA guidelines. We also use the best quality raw ingredients in all our products and we conduct our manufacturing procedures in an environmentally-friendly manner.

Direct Access to the Factory
When dealing with Matsun Nutrition, you deal directly with the factory.  There are no middle-men here when we manufacture you private label energy shots.  You are also welcome to come by and visit our manufacturing facility situated in Murrieta, California. Our team of customer service specialists and dedicated sales reps will be waiting to receive you and take you around the facility. We are distinct from many other custom energy shot manufacturers who don’t have their own manufacturing facility. That is why you can contract with us to manufacture your energy shots and liquid supplements for you with confidence.

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For additional information about our energy shot manufacturing, private labeling or production methods, just give us a call. You may also contact us by email to get detailed information about how you can take full advantage of our customer-friendly minimum order requirements. You may even schedule an appointment now to visit our production facility here in the USA. We are eagerly waiting to serve you and exceed your expectations.

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